41 Must-Try Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Keto fat bombs are the perfect low-carb, high-fat snack. If you are looking for tasty keto fat bomb recipes, keep reading for 41 of my favorite keto fat-bomb ideas.

One of the most challenging parts about transitioning into a keto diet or low-carb diet is controlling your cravings for sweet (or salty!) snacks.  To make it easier to stay on track on your keto carb diet, try keeping a variety of low-carb snacks around! If you have a sweet tooth that needs taming, you’re going to love all of these keto fat bomb recipes.

What IS A Fat Bomb, Anyway?

Keto fat bombs are an easy, grab-and-go treat when you need a quick snack. Fat bombs come in all different flavors — both sweet and savory! 

You can call them “fat bombs”, “fat fudge”, “keto bombs”, or “energy bites”! Fat bombs are a quick snack that can give you a boost of energy on the keto diet.

Check out my collection of favorite fat bomb recipes here! This list even includes some dairy-free and nut-free options.  You can make them in any shape or size, depending on what kitchen equipment you have at home. There’s bound to be a fat bomb recipe that you will love!

Ingredients to Make Keto Fat Bombs

To make a keto fat bomb, mix a higher-fat content base ingredient with other flavorful ingredients.  Mold, chill, or freeze the mixture, and enjoy for breakfast, snack, or dessert. And while sweet fat bombs are the most popular, many people prefer to reach for something savory.

If you are just getting started on a low-carb, ketogenic diet, I’d suggest adding coconut oil, erythritol sweetener, almond butter or sugar-free peanut butter, and unsweetened cocoa powder to your pantry! These ingredients have a low carbohydrate content and can be used in many keto-friendly fat bomb recipes.

Common fat bomb ingredients include:

Helpful Kitchen Equipment to Make Fat Bombs

For many fat bomb recipes, a silicone mold (also known as a “fat bomb mold”) is used to give the fat bomb its shape and, since fat bomb molds are made of silicone, the fat bombs can be easily “popped” out after they harden in the refrigerator or freezer. 

I personally like this bite-size square silicone mold here.  I also like this silicone mini-muffin mold to make round fat bombs.  

Sometimes you can even use a cookie scoop to make mess-free portions of fat bomb batter.  I like this stainless steel cookie scoop to portion fat bombs.  It makes about 1 oz. scoops, which is a good size for most fat bombs.

How to Store Fat Bombs

One of the best things about fat bombs is that you can prep a big batch and store them to snack on throughout the week.

Since a majority of fat bombs contain cream cheese, butter, or coconut oil, it is recommended to store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or the freezer. Be sure to check the recipe instructions to determine the proper storage for the specific fat bomb recipe you’re making.


41+ Must-Try Keto Fat Bomb Recipes

Keto fat bombs are the perfect low-carb, high-fat snack. If you are looking for tasty keto fat bomb recipes, keep reading for 41 of my favorite keto fat-bomb ideas.


Keto Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Try these vanilla cheesecake keto fat bombs for a delicious low-carb treat. They're a no-bake, sugar-free, and gluten-free snack, too.

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Keto Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

You can totally eat edible cookie dough on the keto diet with these low-carb chocolate chip cookie dough fat bombs. Gluten-free, sugar-free, and ketogenic diet approved!

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Keto Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Creamy peanut butter fat bombs made with sugar-free peanut butter and cream cheese.

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Keto Toasted Coconut Fat Bombs

Try this toasted coconut keto fat bombs for a sweet low-carb treat with the taste of tropical coconut.  They're sweet and creamy, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

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Keto Everything Bagel Fat Bombs

These Keto Everything Bagel Fat Bombs are a delicious savory twist on the traditional low-carb fat bomb.   These savory fat bombs perfect for a grab-and-go quick keto breakfast.

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Keto Chocolate Fudge Brownie Fat Bombs

Easy keto chocolate brownie fat bombs are so rich and fudgy, they'll satisfy all those sweet cravings. They're simple to make, sugar-free, and gluten-free. Try this keto dessert recipe tonight!

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Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

A creamy, sweet treat.  Strawberry Cheesecake fat bombs made with cream cheese and fresh strawberries.

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Keto Pumpkin Pie Fat Bombs

Keto pumpkin pie fat bombs are an easy treat to satisfy your sweet Pumpkin Spice cravings.

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Eggnog Cheesecake Balls Recipe

Photo Credit: www.tasteaholics.com

If you love eggnog but would love to try it in a totally different way, then try this fat bomb recipe! All the deliciousness of eggnog combined with the decadent richness of cheesecake is sure to make your taste buds go into overdrive.

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No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

Photo Credit: www.tasteaholics.com

What’s better than peanut butter? Peanut butter plus chocolate. These no-bake chocolate peanut butter truffles are simple to make and completely irresistible. They’re made with only 4 ingredients!

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White Chocolate Butter Pecan Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: www.tasteaholics.com

Did you ever think you could have white chocolate on a low carb diet! Try these delicious fat bombs made with pecans and cocoa butter.

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Keto Jalapeño Poppers Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: lowcarbyum.com

Cheesy keto jalapeño poppers fat bombs are a delicious savory snack to boost fat intake.

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Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: www.castironketo.net

These Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs are a true lifesaver for that early morning rush. These easy Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs are made with cream cheese, green onion, eggs, and bacon for one delicious and portable morning meal.

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Keto Cheese Ball Fat Bombs with Crispy Prosciutto

Photo Credit: www.castironketo.net

These Keto Cheese Ball Fat Bombs with Crispy Prosciutto are little bites of deliciousness that make a perfect snack or appetizer.

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Keto Butter Burgers (Savory Fat Bomb)

Photo Credit: forgetsugarfriday.com

Try these zero-carb Keto Butter Burgers for the ultimate savory fat bomb! Serve them any time of the day for a “bomb” of fat and flavor. They're easy to make and pack for lunch.

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Breakfast Bacon Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: asimplepantry.com

Here's a keto fat bomb recipe you can eat for breakfast. They're made with bacon and packed with Mexican flavors like avocado, serrano pepper, and cilantro.

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Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patty Fat Bombs | Recipe

Photo Credit: realbalanced.com

Here's a cooling mint chocolate fat bomb recipe that would be perfect for the winter holiday season!

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Peanut Butter and Jam Cups - aka Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: alldayidreamaboutfood.com

Low carb peanut butter and jelly? Yeah! These tasty peanut butter fat bombs are full of healthy fats and taste just like your favorite childhood sandwich.

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(Melt-In-Your-Mouth!) Buttercream Fat Bombs 💣 gluten free & keto

Photo Credit: www.gnom-gnom.com

These 3 ingredient buttercream keto fat bombs are ridiculously easy and shockingly delicious! Expect pure melt-in-your-mouth goodness, at just 0.1g net carbs a pop!

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Powdered Donut Hole Fat Bombs | Recipe

Photo Credit: realbalanced.com

These Powdered Donut Hole Fat Bombs are a perfect keto dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth! They are made with simple ingredients, and are nut-free and vegan! These Powdered Donut Hole Fat Bombs are a perfect keto-friendly treat.

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Raspberry Cream Fat Bombs – Cream Heart Jellies – Original Low Carb Recipe

Photo Credit: www.myketokitchen.com

These little pink heart-shaped bites are Raspberry Fat Bombs gummies made with sugar-free Jello.

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Almond Pistachio Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: thehealthyfoodie.com

Creamy low-carb almond fudge sprinkled with chopped pistachios. It's made with two all-star ingredients: cocoa butter and coconut butter!

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Keto Chocolate Coffee Fat Bombs (Caffeinated Fat Bombs!)

Photo Credit: forgetsugarfriday.com

Love mocha? These caffeinated Keto Chocolate Coffee fat bombs will both perk you up and fill you up!

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Fried Deviled Eggs

Photo Credit: thatlowcarblife.com

These low carb fried deviled eggs are a crunchy twist on the classic deviled egg. They look impressive, but they’re so easy to make! The Parmesan coating adds a great crunch to deviled eggs.

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Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs With Cream Cheese

Photo Credit: www.savorytooth.com

These lemon cheesecake fat bombs remind me of mini frozen cheesecake and ice cream. It's a no bake recipe that's healthy, low carb, sugar free, gluten free, and keto friendly.

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Easy Keto Brownie Bombs

Photo Credit: lowcarbediem.com

Need a brownie? Try one of these brownie fat bombs to add some healthy fat to your diet while savoring rich chocolate.

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Healthy Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs (Easy Keto Snack)

Photo Credit: hungryforinspiration.com

Healthy Blueberry Keto Fat Bombs made with all-natural blueberries. No food coloring here! goodness.

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Lemon Curd Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: livbreatheketo.com

These lemon curd fat bombs are sweet-tart gummies. They're made with fresh lemon juice, egg yolks, and gelatin.

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Bacon Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs | Low Carb | Keto Bacon Fatbombs

Photo Credit: www.officiallyglutenfree.com

These bite-sized Bacon Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs are loaded with flavor and provide a nutritious hit of healthy fats.

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Bulletproof Fat Bombs | KetoDiet Blog

Photo Credit: ketodietapp.com

Bulletproof Fat Bombs taste like frozen creamy mocha smoothie. Add a splash of rum or rum extract and they resemble Tiramisu.

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(No-Bake!) Cookies ‘N Cream Fat Bombs 🍪 gluten free, keto & paleo

Photo Credit: www.gnom-gnom.com

These gluten free, paleo and keto cookies ‘n cream fat bombs make ideal small low carb treats, and require no baking (or cookies!) whatsoever.

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Keto Matcha Mint Bars

Photo Credit: recommended.tips

These bars are reminiscent of Thin Mints®️️ in flavor. They’re bright and refreshing and full of fats but low in carbs. They actually come together very quickly!

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Matcha Coconut Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: thehealthyfoodie.com

These creamy truffles are made with coconut flakes and green tea "matcha" powder. They aren't too sweet, so you may want to modify them by adding a little Swerve if you like things on the sweeter side.

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Salted Caramel Cheesecake Fat Bombs - Perfect Keto

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

This no-bake recipe makes it super easy to whip up a fresh batch of fat bombs. These salted caramel cheesecake fat bombs on take 10 minutes to make!

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Easy 3 ingredient Coconut Cheesecake Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

These easy keto coconut fat bombs make the perfect keto dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re no-bake, low-carb, gluten-free, and incredibly satisfying.

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Insanely Delicious Almond Joy Fat Bombs - Perfect Keto

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

Looking for a keto-friendly candy swap? Here's a sweet coconut mixture covered with silky, smooth low carb chocolate. A completely satiating, keto-friendly treat that you can now make right now.

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Tropical Coconut Key Lime Pie Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

Enjoy all of the flavors of a classic key lime pie, minus the carbs. Try these coconut key lime pie fat bombs.

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Keto MCT Matcha Fat Bomb

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

If you like matcha, you've got to try these fat bombs. The ingredients in these fat bombs are full of healthy fats to help keep you full and energized throughout your busy day.

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Brain-Boosting Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

Satusfy that dessert craving while getting a dose of healthy fats and fiber with these chocolate coconut fat bombs.

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Keto Mocha Fat Bombs

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

This fat bomb recipe will give you a healthy serving of energizing caffeine, fats, and ketones! These Perfect Keto Mocha Fat Bombs are perfect for a midday snack when you hit that afternoon slump.

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Decadent Pecan Pie Fudge Bombs - Perfect Keto

Photo Credit: perfectketo.com

If you are a fan of chocolate butter pecan pie, this recipe was made just for you. The best part is they take just a few minutes to make and set up in the fridge.

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